The 2020 Chandler-Woods Family Reunion Executive Committee, would like to send greetings to our awesome family members. We hope that you are all having a great year thus far. We would like to thank the 2018 Family Reunion Planning Committee for their hard work and dedication, which made the reunion GREAT! 
The upcoming Reunion is going to be EXCITING! We are working on some really fun activities for the children as well as the adult “kids". How does a bouncy house and water play sound? The kids are going to love that. For parents, grandparents and all others who are interested, one of our all-time favorites, “BINGO", will be back! There'll be plenty of food to enjoy, and maybe even some ICE CREAM too. “Yummy!” So, start making plans. 
Our website is being built and we’re hoping you all will visit the website below and check out what we’ve done so far. There’s a place for you to add your family information, post pictures and add to the family tree. In the future you will be able to start paying your dues, there as well. 
We invite you all to direct any questions, comments and/or suggestions to The Chandler-Woods Family Reunion Executive Committee. Send correspondence to: 
Chandler-Woods Family Reunion Executive 
c/o Inez V Pempleton 
1404 Mt. Vernon St 
Columba, SC 29203. 
You can also email us at: All questions, comments and suggestions will be reviewed by the full committee and we will get back to you ASAP. 
We would like to get a headcount as early as we can. If you are planning to attend this 2020 Family Reunion, contact us as soon as you decide. You can send an email or send a text message letting us know that you plan to attend and how many adults and children (ages & gender) are in your party to Inez Pempleton @ 803-862-8747.
We send God’s blessings to each one of you and your families and look forward to hearing from you. It is an honor and privilege to serve you.
Sincerely yours, 

Inez V. Pempleton, Secretary 
Frownieta Grant, President 
Idris Chandler, Vice President 
Cynthia Randolph, Treasurer
Amenia Pempleton, Media/Communication
Family coming together.
Family coming together.
Robert Chandler after graduation from Centura College with Associates degree in Medical Assistant. He graduated Cum Laude and was one of 4 student speakers at the graduation.
Officiating over one of the many games they coordinated.
Officiating over one of the many games they coordinated.
You can see the family resemblance! Could go for sisters.
You can see the family resemblance! Could go for sisters.
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